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Cancellation & Refund Policy

The donations for the tours are a fundamental part of the incomes for our children programs and contribute to the overall cost of ads, equipment, medicines, staffing, administration, etc.

As the organization will have incurred the majority of its costs before the tour starts, and the most important is that we have set aside your date and declined to give other tours.

We need to impose cancellation charges to cover these costs.

Deposits are non-refundable. If you cancel your booking, we will impose cancellation charges as follows:

15-29 days before departure – 30% of tour cost*
7-14 days before departure – 50% of tour cost*
10 days before departure – 80% of tour cost*
3 days or fewer before departure – 100% of tour cost*
* or deposit if greater.

All cancellations must be in writing and be made by the person who submitted the booking form. Please send an email to your contact to

Once the tour has started, no refund for any unused portion or part of the tour or services to be provided will be given. If you want to make any changes to the tour, or depart the tour early, such alteration or departure will be entirely at your own expense and liability. You will also need to communicate in writing to the tour operator your reason for leaving the tour.

Historical Walking Tour
of San Miguel

To reach us, please feel free to call us during office hours : Mon-Fri  9:00 - 16:00

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Cancellation Policy

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The donations from the tours make a substantial financial contribution to the work of the organization.

Patronato Pro Niños is celebrating 50 years of humanitarian work in Mexico!

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