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Patronato Pro Niños has provided dental and medical care, for 50 years, to children of the neediest families within our community and outlying areas. We annually provide medical, dental and psychological treatment to almost 10,000 children, ranging in age from birth through their 18th birthday.

Donations from the Walking Tours are an important part of our annual revenue stream. The need for funding does not stop because there is a crisis. We continue to provide critical care to all special needs children. 

We are accredited in Mexico as a charitable, non-profit organization (Asociación Civil), registered in the Federal Registry and awarded with tax exemption status.

We are also incorporated in the United States as a 501(c)(3) under the name “FTC (For The Children) International, Inc.” to accept U.S grants and individual donations and provide tax-deductible receipts.

In addition, we are an Amistad Canada Project, which enables Canadians to contribute tax-deductible charitable donations to Patronato Pro Niños. 

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Every morning at 7:30, our five mobile units depart from our facility to visit some of the hundreds of villages needing medic al and dental services. In addition, there is a clinic which provides medical, dental, nutritional and phycological services, open each weekday.

To preserve dignity and promote parental involvement, families are asked to participate in the cost of their child's care with a 10-peso contribution.

For children with special needs, we determine an individual child's needs by working closely with other medical providers - as an advocate and funding source - to make sure the child gets the best care possible. The medical and dental care we provide dramatically changes lives, and in some cases, even saves lives.

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The donations from the tours make a substantial financial contribution to the work of the organization.

Patronato Pro Niños is celebrating 50 years of humanitarian work in Mexico!